Doukkala-Abda: Protecting the lagoons

The Oualidia and Sidi Moussa lagoons are an exceptional natural treasure. This zone, heretofore preserved, combines an estuary, salt deposits, and small expanses of freshwater which are of great value to migratory birds. However, this sanctuary is in danger.

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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants:A natural and economic treasure

In the Oriental Region, small farmers are now able to pick and develop the aromatic and medicinal plants that grow in abundance, through highly targeted MEC program grants .

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Controlling the quality of natural products: The EACCE partnership

The cooperation agreement between MEC and the Autonmous Export Coordination and Control Organization (EACCE) aims to improve control procedures for the export of Moroccan products from the agriculture and agri-processing sectors. Zoom on that agreement.

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List of all MEC Program publications

The Morocco Economic Competitiveness Program is pleased to share its rich library of publications. It includes valuable diagnostics, technical reports and other publications covering our activities in the field. To view the list and download documents, simply click HERE

Making agricultural labor professional: The future of Berkane’s Moqaf

Traditionally, the moqaf market is where “supply” meets “demand” for seasonal farm labor, but the system is far from perfect. On the one hand, the farmers are never sure that they will find good workers in sufficient numbers and with the right skills. On the other hand, the laborers must deal with the almost total absence of any form of social services or labor protection, as well as the uncertainty -will they be picked up and, if so, how much are the employers paying today? 
Since early 2010, the MEC Program has conducted many field studies and meetings in order to provide an innovative solution, able to modernize the Moqaf for improved agricultural productivity. During the first quarter of 2012, an agreement was reached with RMO Maroc, a private recruiting and placement agency based in Casablanca.
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A Web site for building permits

The Web site was launched in October 2011 by the MEC program and its partners in the Oriental and Doukkala-Abda regions. The website is designed around the building permit application matrix developed by MEC.
In September 2010, surveys of business persons and investors in the Oriental and Doukkala-Abda regions indicated that improving the process for obtaining building permits was a priority. MEC studies showed that the procedure could be streamlined fairly quickly without amending current regulations by standardizing the steps involved and making the requirements more transparent.

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